Withstand cuts from knives, broken glass, or any other sharp objects!

Protect your hands and reduce the risk of serious injuries while performing your favorite activities that use knives, blades, or other sharp instruments. They even protect you while cleaning up broken glass from a simple accident around the house!

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  • Cooking🥩 

    Protect your hands in the kitchen while prepping your favorite dish! Protect against accidents while cutting, dicing, peeling, or even simply grating cheese.  

  • Gardening🌷

    4x stronger than leather, our cut resistant, highly durable gloves protect against scrapes and cuts while working with flowers, plants, and shrubs.

  • Sport Fishing🐟

    Safeguard your hands while filleting your catch.  Our gloves will ensure that you’ll be ending your day with a bar bill rather than a hospital bill.

  • Arts & Crafts🪚

    Our anti-cut gloves are also great for all indoor or outdoor hobbies that require handling sharp tools.

Meets the strict EN388 standard for Level 5 cut resistance to protect your fingers from even the sharpest knives.

EN388 is the European standard used to evaluate mechanical risks for hand protection. Gloves with a EN 388 rating are third party tested, and rated for cut resistance from1-5.  Our gloves are rated level 5, the highest cut resistance protection to protect your fingers from the sharpest knives, scissors, peelers, and graters.  

Easy to clean!

Maintaining your gloves is simple and easy!  Either throw them on the top rack of your dishwasher during your nightly cycle  or simply wash your hands while wearing your gloves with dishwasher soap.

100% Food Safe

Our product is made using food grade materials making them 100% safe to use while preparing any culinary dish.